About me

Hi, my name is Krzysztof Sicinski!

I’m a programmer, but my biggest passion is traveling. On the blog I write about my work, travel and how to have an interesting life. I am fulfilling my travel dreams, but I have to admit that through journeys, my list places to visit is growing!

More about me

What am I doing?

On a daily basis I live and work in Wrocław (Poland). In my spare time I visit surrounding places and attractions.

What made I travel?

Since I remember I like travel. First travel was very small but with time they travel was bigger.

The biggest inspiration to travel, what I got was when I moved to Wrocław. I meet there a lot of amazing peopel, who love travel and durning the meetig they talk about they travels. They shared with me own passion to travel.

What I do in free time?

Usually don’t have have free time – I always like have full calendar 🙂 If I have some free time I like spend time with friends, go to long walk or ride in bicycle (winter time – snowboard).

My projects

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