FAME MMA 2 it is gala with the participation of popular YouTubers and celebrities, taking place in Poznań, Poland Arena.

Main fighters in this gala were: AdBuster, Bonus BGC, Dawid Malczyński, and Adrian Polak – like said my friends 🙂 I didn’t watch a lot of polish Youtubers and I don’t know these persons but my friends who invited me there, they had more knowledge about this persons and during our road to Poznan they told me more about this persons.

Adventure to FAME MMA 2

Because I never watch this kind of sport on live then I decided to join my friends who want to go to Poznan, Poland do saw nine fights famous YouTubers and celebrities.

Like I said 13 October we went by train to Poznan where we spend the whole day traveling in the city. At around 5 pm we backed to our apartment to leave in room souvenirs and not needed stuff. Ready to go we order a taxi and go to Arena Poznan where we will watch all the fights. Before enter to Poznań Arena was a big queue to the entrance where we waited to enter.

Inside waited for us octagon (place for fighters) and prepared sectors with chairs to sit. I need to tell you – maybe this wasn’t gala that big like KSW but this place made big impressions on me – this lights, screens, sound, security and of course beautiful girls 🙂

The fights weren’t long because one fight lasted 3 rounds for 3 minutes.

Most of the duels were finished in the first round after technical knockout. One fight lasted until the last round and winner was selected based on the points earned. One fight finished badly for a competitor because in the first round his break his leg.

After a good night, we went drink few beer 🙂

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