Family trip to Rome

Rome is a city which I like to return for many reasons, but this time the reason was quite diffrent – to explay this, I have to go back to last year when my mom called me and tell –  organize a trip to the “Eternal City”.

Phone from Mom

At the beginning of autumn, calls to me mom and says she wants to help realize the dream of grandmother – I asked how I can help – she said grandma wants to realize own dreams and see Vatican and the tomb Pope John Paul II (our compatriot). I didn’t hesitate to say that I would arrange everything, although I had some concerns – how grandma handle with the flight (first flight in her life), temperature and the walks in Rome and  the Vatican.

I thought that, one grandmother wanted flight to Rome, why not take another grandma. I called to my grandmother and I asked her did she wanted to join to the family trip to Rome.

Now our family trip group have 5 person.

Flight ticket

In order to not spend a fortune to flight from Poland to Rome, we decided to buy ticket in low cost airlines. The best price and connections from Poland offered on Ryanair – we were able to buy ticket from the promotion ticket pool.

The sixth person joined and Santa Claus

November came and I start thinking about for rent some apartment in Rome for our group. Suddenly the phone rings, I look at him and surprise here – aunt calls and asking about trip to Rome. She asks how many days we go, where we sleep and how much it will be cost – I asked why she asking for it all – she would like to join but she don’t have money at the moment for this travel. After the conversation with my aunt came to my mind brilliant idea. I called my cousin (son of my aunt) and asked him if he wants to make his mom a gift for the Christmas Tree in December. He expressed the desire to do a mom’s gift and join our family family trip to Rome.

The gift turned out to be a hit – aunt was very surprised and very happy with the gift. This way our group has grown from five person to seven person.

I tried to find a accommodation near Vatican to not have to walk too far (because of the grandma health). I found a super apartment on Airbnb, where we from balcony saw the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Travel time to start

Our trip began on a beautiful Saturday morning at Wrocław Airport. Where we had a direct flight to Rome. Flight was short, after around 2 hour we reached to Rome. Then transfer bus to city center and metro close to our apartments where we lived.

Upon check in apartment and unpacking we were ready to explore the city. The hour was already late for sightseeing tourist attractions so we went for a walk around Vatican. We started walk to St Peter’s Square, then for the Angel Bridge near Castel Sant’Angelo. We finish day at the local restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Second day in Rome

Second day we planned visit Colosseum and the Roman Forum ruins – the ticket was purchased online which allowed us to stand in the shorter queue to enter the Colosseum (I recommended doing the same).

Another point of our list was the fountain Di Trevi – very crowded place in the day. Despite the larger number of people it was worth seeing the place, because it makes huge impression.

Our next goal and the last in that day was to see Spanish Stairs – it isn’t such an interesting place as the fountain but also besieged by tourist.

Third day in Rome

The third day also belonged to active days. Wake up in the morning and walk to the Vatican, where we planned visit the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica. Similar to the Colosseum, we booked ticket online to avoid hught a queue at the ticket office of the Vatican Museum.

Our ticket included a visit in Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. It is worth spending a few hour because this place is a very large.

Photo from St Peter’s Basilica

Photos from Vatican Museum

The tour was very exhausting and all after a few hours was very tired. But we had another point planned on this day, namely to the visit St Peter’s Basilica and see grave of our countryman – John Poul II. We stand in a long queue at St Peter Square to the entrace to basilica (free admission), where it took us about 40-50 min before we entraced inside.

Tip for visiting the Vatican

  • planning visit at the St Peter Basilica is worth to come in the morning and choose normal day (working day),
  • remember that there is a “Dress Code” to enter the basilica.

South Rome

Part of our group who was already tired went to apartment for a rest. Rest of person (me, mom, sister) who have yet some energy went to south Rome, to look for local restaurants and take a walk around area.

Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary

During the walk we reached to Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Then we headed for the center, where we got to one the oldest buildings in Rome – the Pantheon.

Rome at the night

At the end of day we went back to the apartment for a dinner and then took rest of our family to the nearest lookout – which was near Giuseppe Garibaldi monument. From here you coud admire Rome look in the night.

Fourth day

On the fourth day we say goodbye Rome early in the morning to get on the plane to Poland. All members of the group was tired but satisfied for a trip. Grandma, whom we help realized the dreams was very happy.

Realization of dreams

Dreams are integral part of our life, they allow us to strive for a purpose. Helping to make someone’s dreams come true and getting thank-you smile on his face are invaluable.
Don’t be afraid dreaming, it is worth living to realize own dreams – maybe somedays on the way will be someone who will help you realized this dreams. I and my mom, helped my grandma realized her dream – the smile on her face was invaluable. This show that no matter how old you are, ther is always time to realize own dreams.

“In twenty years you will be more sorry for what you did not do than what you did. So untie the ropes, leave the safe dock. Catch the successful winds. Travel, dream, discover.”

~ Mark Twain

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