July 2018 is a record month on a bicycle!

The month of July was for me record month riding on a bicycle and month of my birthday. This day 31 July I made a birthday gift for me and I finished a month with the result over 500 km ride on a bicycle.

Endomondo July 2018 statistic

At the beginning of this year, I don’t think this will be possible because I bring my bicycle from my hometown to Wroclaw only to ride on this bicycle to work but I love on a ride on a bicycle on Wroclaw because in this way I can discover this beautiful Polish town.

Why am I riding on a bicycle?

Few interesting thinks about a ride on a bicycle in town:

  • When you riding on a bicycle and you have inside yourself some soul to exploring, you can discover a lot of interesting places around you and a lot of beautiful roads to riding on a bicycle along the river, across the forest, and around the whole city.
  • Second interesting parts is saving money, you don’t need used public transport to ride to work – I saved in this way 100 PLN (~26 USD) per month and this gives me 1200 PLN (~320 USD) per year. You can say it is not much money but for this, you can buy some ticket for some travel adventure.
  • At the last, you do not have to stand in a traffic jam – you can ride on bicycle roads 🙂 Downside of this solution is weather – when outside is rain it is not nice to ride but we are not built from sugar – I wear poncho rainwear and I can ride during the rain 🙂

Do you ride to your work by bicycle? Share your experience in the comment below why you select a bicycle. Maybe you have some foto witch you on a bicycle and you like to share, then paste this image in comments 🙂

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