Learning and adventure in the Alps!

About the science of riding on a snowboard I was thinking long ago, but only a year ago I started adventure with this sport.

This was a good decision which gave me a lot of fun, but I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to ride in snowboard.

My friends told me they went ride in ski in Alps and there is good place to learn riding in snowboard. This year they also go to the Alps. I decited to go with them and learn the basic and have fun.

This was good decision because I learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

Big team

We decided to go with a larger groups and gathered over 30 people among our friends, who traveled with us. We were the largest group among all participants.

Decision in such a large group is very difficult but surprisingly fast we managed to find with office we go to our departure.

We selected French town of Serre Chevalier.

Let the journey begin!

Journey by a bus was long and tiring because led by many countries (Poland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France).

We arrived to place at the place afternoon, where we where located in our rooms. It was not hour to go to slopes because all lift was closed, so we decided to go for a walk around the town. When we returned, we used free evening to play board games and prepering our gear to ride next’s day.

All days in Alps we wake up early and small walk to local bakery to buy bread for breakfast. Small warm up and go to the slopes.

Learning, time start!

As a beginner snowboarder, I decided to buy snowboard lesson. Every day I had 2 hour lesson with the instructor and after class I had whole day to practice my skills.

In class i got to the top group, although my level was much lower than other but I had too much skills to go down to the group below. My instructor decided to leave me in this group – so I had to learn quick to not stay behind ­čÖé

Why the trip organized by the company?

The trip organized by the company has several advantages:

  • resident care,
  • arranged transport, passes and accommodation,
  • arranged entertainment on the slope and outside the slope:
    • day with board games / poker tournament,
    • party on the slope and in the club after the slope is closed,
    • massage course,
    • activity in snow (goal race, volleyball in snow, dragging the rope, etc.).
  • polish instructors.

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