New purposes for 2018 year

New year was started and now is time to set new purposes for 2018 year. Why I make it? Good to make some plan for all year and know which way you want to go.

My purposes for this year:

  1. More travel than 2017 year – simple and and difficult at the same time.
  2. Travel to Beijing – see other culture than europe and USA 🙂
  3. Back to USA – I love this country who know why 🙂 This time I’d go to west coast.
  4. Doing something for yourself in direction develop new skill – singnup for diving course with PADI certificate.
  5. Find some additional sources to earn some extra money for travels.
  6. Develop photographic/film skills to provide better articles in blog and other pages who I’m write content.

It might seem that it is not much, but goals but you must set goals that you can achieve.

And how are your goals for this year?

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