Snow madness

Next good weekend on snowboard. We drove to “Czarna Góra” in Poland. This was my second time on this slope but this trip give us some surprise – we are stuck on the lift.

Let’s roll

I love my room, because at the morning wakes me up sun who wakes up after night. On my room always beautiful view for sunrise. Mayby it is town but we need learn how to let enjoy small things.

I started this day at 6.30am to prepare to our trip. Made few sandwiches and prepared and ate breakfast.

Next was meeting with my friends and we began trip to our purpose. After around two hour we reached to “Czarna Góra”.

Fast rental of snowboard equipment by my friends and we go to slope.

Surprise on slope

During our riding on slope we got a small surprise. When we ride the ski lift on the top of the slope, our ski life was stopped. We thinking it will be fast stop but this wasn’t fast.

We stuck in ski lift good 25 minuts.

All person who rode on slope, slowlly disapear because ski lift doesn’t work.

We thought that someone was missing because we saw snowmobile who searching someone in empty slope.

Maybe it is stupied but we had time to litlle talk and make few photos 🙂

We finished this beautiful day with a beautiful view of sunset during on the way to home.

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