Summary of the year 2017

This day is come – the last day of the 2017 year. Time to write some summary what happened in this year.

This year helped me relized few my dreams and I had opportunity to help other realized his dreams.


Let’s start from march where I go to Chantemerle-Serre-Chevalier, Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur, France. There I spend couple days with my friends develop my snowboard skill and good having fun.

This was scaring and amazing travel because my snowboard skill was very beginners and I was afraid how I would cope on the slope – this was big slopes in Alps. But in the end I was having I was great time and even I would say that was better off than on Polish small slopes.

I can’t wait for the next trip.


On the may I helped my grandmother realize her dreams – she wanted to see Vatican.

I said – nothing difficult – and started planning travel to Rome. The news spread quickly around the family and I became the organizer and guide for Rome family trip 🙂

And I must tell – see on the grandma faces smile and happiness it is priceless – it is worth all money.


June is month of beer festival. In Polish town (Wroclaw) every year is organized is beer festival, where you can drink good craft beers.

Maybe I’m not specialist in beer lik my friend but I love drink good beers.

This weekend I was spend with my friends and parents who came to the Wroclaw for one day. This was amazing weekend.


On weekend in july I had opportunity participate to the dance workshops (West Coast Swing). I learn this dance for over 2 ydance, ears and now I had opportunity to develop with other teachers who came to workshop from other towns.

It was 3 days of dance and having fun.

Our Wrocław team:


This month I went to New York,USA – realized my belated birthday gift. I bought tickets for this flight in begin 2017 year. My friend flew with me to NYC and I get from him birthday gift – VIP entrace to One World Trade Center.

USA so far is my bes direction to travel. Who know where I flight next time 😉


This month is not travel month but in my life was small changes. This month I change job – after 2 year work for the company, time to change job. I change remote job to work in office. Why? Because I’d like work with people, not with computers.


This month was time to spend time with friends in couple meetings: eve with dance friends, eve with couple friends from Wroclaw.

In the meanwhile I was went to ice skating and I began snowboard sezon 2017/2018.

I was spend Christmas Eve with my family and for New Year Eve I’m moving to Krakow (Poland) to good celebrate year 2017 and starting new adventure who call 2018 year.

Happy New Year for everybody!

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