Sun eclipse in NYC – Travel to New York, USA – Part 4

Day four we spend at the end tour of Central Park (north part) and see sun eclipse. After finish explore the park I can say this Park is awesome place – not only in terms of size but the amount of things thats are happening there. There you can rent the boat and swim on the lake, play baseball, play football, runing, riding on bicycle, walking or simply chill out with friends.

Sun eclipse

This day we had opportunity to see partial eclipse of the sun (In New York was 75%). We didn’t special glasses and I did have filter for the camera to be able make some nice pictures but thanks to the people we met who gave us our glasses for a moment we could watch the eclipse.

In addition to the filter helped little weather for a people who didn’t have special glasses. Clouds appeared for a while, filtering so that people who did’t have special equipment could take few pictures of sun eclipse.

For some people who were prepared, this change of the weather was not so good. There were prepared to take pictures on a sunny day.

Walk on the “High Line”

Next purpose of our day was Walk on the “High Line” (also known as High Line Park). It is park formed on the former railway line, located at western part of Manhattan. This is great way to show you how to build “Somethink from nothing”.

My best place to rest in this place was benches with water to soak the feet.

Famous film train station

From the “High Line” we went to famous train station “Grand Central”. This train station very often show in the movies. Filmmaker like the information in the middle of the stations and the clock located above.

I also liked the ceiling on with are there paintings with signs of the zodjac (constellations).

In the side streets of the station there a plenty small shops.

Return to Time Square and photo with Statue of Liberty

At the end of the day we go back to Time Square to take few funny pictures with people disguised as movie characters and not just 🙂

Price for picture with woman disguised for Statue of Liberty cost me “Nice Tip”.

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