This Is How I Get Paid To Travel The World

To get rid of all questions about “How do you make money traveling?” or “how do you get paid to travel?” Well here’s my answer.

Making Money Traveling

Actually I have full time job as a programer. In my free time I working on my blog and my travel website (

My additional sources of income.

Below I put list of my additional income sources. Remember good to have few income sources because if one this sources fail, you have another and you don’t stay on ice.

Revshare program

Revshare programs called financial pyramids are one of my income sources. When you selecting program you need explore and read opinion about this program and you need select the best, where you can invest and withdraw money.


One of my way is digging cryptocurrencies but I not used my own cryptocurrency excavators but I sign up to the few program where you can buy mining pool. When I buy this pool I get from this company power to digging cryptocurrency for x days and I don’t need think about software, hardware, energy and seciurity – I delegate this tasks to this company (buying ther this packages). Excavated cryptocurrencies I sell on cryptocurrency market (BitBay, Coindeal).


One of the program what I use is CryptoTab. This is browser plugin (Chrome, Firefox) to diging BTC. It is good tools if you can invited you friends to this because you get % profit from invited friends to the 10 depth level – this is not program for alone digger.

Affiliate links

When I write about gear, some place, books or some course I often put referral links. When you click on this link and buy I got some small commission for it.

In network you can find a lot of companies with you can sign contract and connected this to your page to get revenue for referral links.

Display Ads

Google have advertisement platform called Adsense. You can put special code prepared by this company on your blog or your webpage, they display relevant ads within the content of your site. You can also integrated it with you YouTube account to dsiplay ads in your movies offcorse if you creating content for this platform.

You earn when someone click in ads and rate per click always is another, because this depedence what kind ads is displayed on you page, what category, how rate is seted per click by advertisers and many more coefficients.

If you generating some traffic on you page and you content have value you can add ads on you page.

Sale of films and photos

I earn money selling photography from my travel.

One of good place to selling your photo is Shutterstock page where you can put your images and selled. You can also referrer this program and grab extra money from you referral.

Another option is sell photo to some magazine or working with brands/destinations/media outlets who find me through the blog or on social media.

Remember that you make alone decision about investing and do it at your own risk. Also, remember that no way to earn money gives you a 100% guarantee of profit. The presented methods are checked by myself and I used them.

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