TOP 10 what to see in Beijing, China!

In this article, I want to share with you my subjective TOP 10 list what do/see in Beijing, China.

Great Wall

On the first place, of course, one of the wonders of the world – Great Wall. Something that makes very big impressions was built by human hands.

"Mutianyu" Great Wall
“Mutianyu” Great Wall

Forbidden City

A big ancient city inside the center of Beijing. Beautiful architecture and interesting part of Chinese history.

Forbidden City - Beijing, China.

The Temple of Heaven

Next interesting place to visit is The Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven - Beijing, China
The Temple of Heaven – Beijing, China

Summer Palace

Very Big Summer Palace with a garden and a big lake where you can swim in boat.

Summer Palace Beijing, China
Summer Palace Beijing, China

The Lama Temple

The complex of building with very tall Buddha monument.

Big Buddha - The Lama Temple
Big Buddha – The Lama Temple

Peking Duck

One of my favorite dish what I ate in Beijing. This something what I recommend to try if you came to Beijing.

Peking Duck - Beijing, China
Peking Duck – Beijing, China

Hot pot

Hot Pot – next dish what I very recommend to try but this dish is not for one person. Good to went there in few person and cook something together 🙂

Hot pot - Beijing, China
Hot pot – Beijing, China

Grill restaurant

Go to grill restaurant and try food from grill situated on your table (I’m not sure it is a Chinese dish but was delicious).

Grill restaurant - Beijing, China
Grill restaurant – Beijing, China


Go to the zoo – maybe is not cheap but is very big and you can see Pandas.

Beijing Zoo - Beijing, China
Beijing Zoo – Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square – one of the biggest public places in the world before Forbidden City.

Tiananmen Square - Beijing, China
Tiananmen Square – Beijing, China

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