Travel to New York, USA – part 1

Travel to USA I started at early hours – wake up at 4am. Took taxi and go to the airport.

Line to check-in baggage was very large because carrier made check-in for 3 plane at the same time. After 40 min our luggage was checked-in and ready to flight.

Our flight consisted from few of several segments of trip. We start our travel in Wroclaw (Poland) from where we flew to Warsaw (Poland). We grab our lugagge and go to check-in to next flight to Berlin and New York. After check-in we began our flight to New York with transfer in Belin.

International flight with “Air Berlin” was very good but I missed socked on the board to charge my laptop. However, I have to praise the pilot because his landed so gently that we did not feel the momentum when plane touch ground.
In New York we landed at the night. Our first step is go to visa clearance – this part was very fast (max half hour).

Next step was found some transport which will take as to Manhattan where we have our accommodation. We select company “Go Airlink” who drove us to hotel itself. Price for transport from JFK to Ameritania Hotel (Manhattan) was 22$ per person.

Fast check-in in our hotel and go to see NYC (more specifically, Time Square) at the night. This place never sleep – there is so many light (so many big ads in wall) and so many people at the night.

This day we bought at Time Square in big T-mobile shop sim card to use internet and make call. Price this card was 54$ and gives us 10GB internet and unlimited call and messages for US numbers.

We also hit the big M&M shop – this shop impressed me. Colorful 3 storey shop where we can bought M&M in all color of rainbow and various gadget connected with this company.

To finish this first day we go to our hotel to drink small drink and celebrate this travel 🙂

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