What Was in My Backpack on the GR20 trail?

In this article, I want to share with you a list of gear that I had on my GR20 trail.

Full list with the weight you can find on this page: lighterpack.com/r/ztyfwk

GR20 Gear List

What Was in My Backpack During GR20 trail? | GR20 Trail

🧳 Packs

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Backpack Osprey Talon 4442L S/M10201
Ultralight Raincover M30 – 50L1001
Ultralight Pack Liner S30 – 50L1001
1.22 kg3

🏕 Shelter

That’s should be looking my shelter gear list but the tent has not arrived at my on time:

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Tent Duplex Tent | Zpacks5391
Tent Pegs Bushmen Twister88
0.6 kg9

So finally we rent a tent from a friend but this tent was heavier so, we split the tent for two persons:

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Tent Nature Hike Cloud Up 3 (tylko elementy metalowe) and Naturehike mat under tent.12301
1.23 kg1

🛏 Sleep System

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Ultralight Air Sleeping MatUltralight ASC Mat Regular Sea To Summit3951
Pillow Sea to Summit Aeros Premium RegularSea to Summit Aeros Premium Regular791
Sleeping Bag Volven Superlight I8111
1.29 kg3

🧢 Clothes Packed

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Marmot PRECIP STRETCHRain Jacket2321
Neck GaiterBrubeck km10360, size S/M611
Merino Wool TeeForclaz TRAVEL 100 MERINO1131
PantiesBrubeck Base Layer termoaktywne L391
Trekking trousers Trek 500Company: Forclaz3731
Socks – QUECHUA MH520 Long591
Flip flops2241
1.1 kg7

🩲 Clothes Worn

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Merino Wool TeeForclaz TRAVEL 100 MERINO1131
PantiesBrubeck Base Layer termoaktywne L391
Socks – QUECHUA MH520 Long591
Running ShoesSalomon XA PRO 3D v86761
Kiprun Light Men’s Running Shorts Black Light1041
CapTrek 900 anty-UV z odpinaną osłoną karku721
Face Mask171
1.11 kg8

🔪 Cooking & Water

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Water FilterKatadyn Be Free631
Cooking SystemJetboil Flash Cooking System – wilderness4321
Food BagSea to Summit UltraSil Stuff Sack 15L medium281
SpoonSea to Summit Alpha Light, Long Spoon121
Pocket knife911
Towel Size S 42 x 55 cmBlue Microfiber Towel Size S 42 x 55 cm451
Foldable tourist X-MugSea to Summit661
Foldable trekking bowl X-BOWL 0.65 lSea to Summit831
0.82 kg8


NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Water Bottle 1L2x bottle of water (for drink and cooking)10002
2 kg1

🍔 Food

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Dinner / Chicken Tikka With RiceSummit To Eat1512
Dinner / Chicken Fajita With RiceSummit To Eat1582
Dinner / Macaroni CheeseSummit To Eat2291
Dinner / Spicy Pasta ArrabbiataSummit To Eat1831
Dinner / Macaroni CheeseSummit To Eat1431
Dinner / Vegetable Chipotle Chilli With RiceSummit To Eat1561
Dinner / Scrambled Egg With CheeseSummit To Eat1141
Dinner / Spicy Pasta ArrabbiataSummit To Eat1841
Dinner / Chicken Fried RiceSummit To Eat2331
Dinner / Vegetable Chipotle Chilli With RiceSummit To Eat2501
Dinner / Tomato & HerbHuel Hot & Savoury1461
Dinner / Sweet & SourHuel Hot & Savoury1551
Dinner / KormaHuel Hot & Savoury941
Breakfast 11511
Breakfast 21331
Breakfast 31631
Breakfast 41491
Breakfast 51601
Breakfast 61811
Breakfast 71691
Breakfast 81581
Breakfast 91701
Breakfast 101351
Breakfast 111351
Breakfast 12Kaufland Classic / Porridge Strawberry701
Breakfast 13Kupiec / Porridge wit strawberry551
Breakfast 14Fitella / Porridge with raspberries and cranberries581
Breakfast 15Fitella / Tropical Pineapple Banana551
Dry fruits mix 1Peaches, raisins, and cranberry3751
Dry fruits mix 2Bananas1311
Dry fruits mix 3Apples731
Chocolate barGoOne Company513
Chocolate barSanite Muesli Bar / Crunchy441
Beef Jerky301
Kabanos5 package different size2051
A mix of nuts1411
Almonds Lightly saltedBakalland911
5.84 kg43

🛁 Bathroom

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Repair PatchesGearAid Camping 20 pieces151
TowelSeaToSummit DRYlite Towel microfibre / Medium1121
SunscreenAptonia 50+ Sun stick281
Body WashSea to Summit Trek & Travel Pocket Body Wash131
ClotheslineSea to Summit Pocket Clothesline301
Toothpaste – Ajona91
Toothbrush – Colgate Portable141
Dental Floss151
Lipstick / Nivea161
Needle and thread01
0.25 kg9

⛑ First Aid

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Active carbon01
Private pills21 days * 4 pills321
0.06 kg25

💩 Poop Kit

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Toilet paper1161
Hand Sanitiser01
0.17 kg3

📷 Electronics

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Headlamp Black Diamond ReVolt 350 – octaneCompany: Black Diamond931
4x Battery (Backup for Headlamp)521
PowerbankAnker 20’000 MaH Battery3841
Powerbank charging cable (micro USB)Anker141
iPhone 7Apple1361
iPhone 7 – charging cableApple201
Garmin Fenix 6 PRO MediumGarmin711
Garmin 6 – charging cableGarmin151
Universal Power Socket Adapter with Two USB Ports AK40Green Cell1361
0.92 kg9

🎥 Filming

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
DJI OSMO 2 Creative ComboDJI2851
Memory CardSANDISK 128GB micro SD SDXC UHS3 EXTREME 100/90MBs12
0.29 kg3

🥢 Poles

NameDescriptionWeight (g)QTY
Trekking poles TRAIL BACKCompany: Black Daiamond5101
0.51 kg1

Total weight

  • 🧳 Packs 1.22 kg
  • 🏕 Shelter 0.6 kg
  • 🛏 Sleep System 1.29 kg
  • 🧢 Clothes Packed 1.1 kg
  • 🩲 Clothes Worn 1.11 kg
  • 🔪 Cooking & Water 0.82 kg
  • 💧Water 2 kg
  • 🍔 Food 5.84 kg
  • 🛁 Bathroom 0.25 kg
  • ⛑ First Aid 0.06 kg
  • 💩 Poop Kit 0.17 kg
  • 📷 Electronics 0.92 kg
  • 🎥 Filming 0.29 kg
  • 🥢 Poles 0.51 kg

Total 16.18 kg
Consumable 8.02 kg
Worn 1.83 kg
Base Weight 6.34 kg

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