First lesson of scuba diving!

A long time ago I thought about learning scuba diving and now I made the first step to learn how to do this.

I found on the internet, a program “Discover Scuba Diving” for beginners scuba divers. A program giving the opportunity to check is this sport for you.

How look program “Discover Scuba Diving” by PADI?

This program you can make in one day.

You need to sign up for it in one of diving school who offers this program.

This program is separated for 3 parts:

  • theoretical training
  • exam
  • practical training

Theoretical training

In theoretical training, you need to:

  • fill documents about your actual health,
  • read information about safety in the water, what the components of diving equipment, how to communicate in water and what task we will be done in practical part,
  • watch a video about safety and scuba diving,
  • after the above tasks instructor makes some lesson with details about scuba diving, safety and what will do today.


The exam is very simple and there are few questions about this what you reading and what you heard from the movie what you watched and from the instructor.

Practical training

Practical training was on the pool where I was learn how to:

  • how to assemble diving equipment,
  • how to dismantle diving equipment,
  • how to equalize pressure in air spaces (ears and sinuses),
  • how to use BCD,
  • how to use a respiratory device,
  • how to clean a respiratory device from water,
  • how to find a respiratory device under water,
  • how to clean mask from water,
  • how to swim in fins

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